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International art exchange of homeless art

Press releases   •   May 08, 2019 13:55 BST

'This is Where I live' exhibition, is an exchange of artworks across cities around the world created by people that have experienced homelessness. Organised by Cafe Art in London, it has six exchange partners coming together in solidarity including; Auckland, Berlin, Dar es Salaam, Mumbai, NYC & London. Opens on London on May the 9th at 7pm at Kahaila Cafe 135 BrickLane London.

THIS IS WHERE I LIVE - A Global Arts Project For the Homeless and Disadvantaged

Press releases   •   May 11, 2017 13:24 BST

Paintings from twelve artists from New York, Berlin and Mumbai join four from London at Diorama Arts Centre as part of Cafe Art's international art exhibition exchange, THIS IS WHERE I LIVE. Tonight is the private viewing.

Homeless group takes over market on World Homeless Day

Press releases   •   Oct 02, 2016 17:27 BST

Not only is Spitalfields Arts Market filled with homeless people's art from Monday morning, World Homeless Day, but they're launching the MyLondon calendar to celebrate London. MyLondon will be launched at 1pm in the middle of the market. Produced with 99 single-use cameras, the calendar is a love letter in photos to the city. Everyone involved is affected by homelessness.

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2017 Cafe Art MyLondon calendar

2017 Cafe Art MyLondon calendar

Documents   •   Oct 02, 2016 15:40 BST

Photos of London as seen by people affected by homelessness. Following the distribution of 105 disposable cameras in July, people affected by homelessness in London were given 5 days to capture the theme "My London". The calendar features beautiful photos, and stories about the participants in the project.