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London Icons

Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

MAY 2018 in MyLondon CALENDAR Tim Paul took this shot in Bell Lane, near Strand. He says the post boxes and telephone boxes are symbolic to London. “There’s something about red: red boxes, red buses. I kept thinking about London being red… I saw a guy called Jon with a bike standing behind the phone box and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind standing in it for this shot”. Tim is an artist at 240 Project in West London. “They have helped me with my self esteem. When I came I was in a bad place mentally – very depressed, low self esteem. People here don’t ask too many questions so I can be myself. Everyone just accepts each other here.” Talking about the MyLondon contest, Tim says he had never used film before and found the project a challenge because of the limited number of shots. The 240 Project recently had an exhibition of photos and he said one of the “biggest buzzes ever” was to sell one of his photos. [171]
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