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Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

Top 20 photo - not in calendar Amadeus took this shot near Liverpool Street Station. A former business owner producing clothing, he lost his house, became homeless after his marriage broke up ‘I struggled, Lucky for me I came into contact with various social agencies including SHP, The Hanbury Project (Acorn House). Amadeus had a winning photo in last year’s calendar and since then he has become more confident using the camera. ‘I can frame a shot better now in my mind’s eye. I can just know which is a good shot to take. The tips I got from The Royal Photographic Society [training day] stood me in good stead because now I’m more disciplined. I think my confidence has increased. I am in a happy place now. I realise that man is not an island. I needed to reach out: people need people.’
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Photographer / Source Amadeus Quadeer
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