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French Couture

Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

FEBRUARY 2018 in MyLondon CALENDAR. Ella Sullivan took this shot of a French Bulldog near where she lives in Islington. “There was a doggie dress up contest. I went across and took some shots of the dogs I liked. This one seemed to be posing.” Born in London, Ella Sullivan grew up in County Kerry, Ireland. She returned to London over 20 years ago and now lives in Islington. Ella says she sometimes takes photos on her phone, but doesn’t have a real camera. She goes to art sessions run by SHP near Essex Road, Islington. “I’ve been going to SHP art group for over a year now. I was having some problems with my housing so that was why I got referred to SHP. I’ve had good support from them.” She is also doing a course with the London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy in Camden. "I finished doing the hairdressing course last year so now I'm working on the barbering side of it doing men's haircuts."
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