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Camden Town Punks

Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

March 2018 in MyLondon CALENDAR Jackie said it was a hot day so a good day to visit Camden Lock Market. The group here were happy to pose for the camera. While not as common as they used to be, you can still see punks around Camden Town most weekends says Jackie, “especially when it’s hot”. Jackie goes to the Haringey Recovery Service, which is run in partnership with St Mungo’s, where she does voluntary meditation teaching. “It’s important to share what people have given to you and never forget where you come from,” Jackie says. “Never ever look down on anybody unless you’re picking them up.” She says she is fortunate to have never had to sleep rough but she has “been on my knees… I ruined all my teeth with drugs, so today I stand on my feet and I smile with pride, I’m really happy with my life today. I don’t have any family - I was brought up in children’s homes. My friends are my family.”
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