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Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

Cover of 2018 MyLondon calendar This shot was taken in Shoreditch, one of Maya’s favourite parts of the city, “I'm always there. My model is Jonathan, the son of two of my best friends. He's five years old. It's such a sweet age: full of curiosity and still so innocent.” “You hear that old adage never work with kids, but because he's my little buddy, making him smile and laugh for the photo wasn't an issue. I had a vision for capturing this spot, but when we arrived I realised he wasn't tall enough to fit the wings, so had to find something to add a bit of height. I asked around eventually managed to borrow this mini step ladder which was perfect.” Maya is a born and bred Londoner who loves her home city and enjoys photographing it. She has previously taken part in this contest three times, with her photos being selected for the calendar four times: 3 in 2013 and 1 in 2015.
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Photographer / Source Maya Simeon
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