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Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

Hugh Gary took this shot of the Shard from London Bridge Station: “I visited London Bridge to take a photo of the platform, turned around and seen the full length of the shard and thought the line of the platform canopy merges perfectly with the building.” Hugh is an ex-serviceman, having been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan during his ten years with the British Army. He became homeless two years later: “a lot of the homeless people in London are ex-service”. Hugh found shelter with West London mission’s Big House, a hostel for veterans and is currently waiting for his own place through Stoll, who seek to rehouse veterans across London. He has now in his final year of a Photography degree, at the University of West London. Where he founded a photographic society, to support his fellow students. He has also started offering his photography skills to mentor young adults, some of which are homeless through the Pillion Trust and, Café Art and their partners.
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Photographer / Source Hugh Gary
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