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Image   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:32 BST

APRIL 2018 in calendar “I wanted to capture the stillness on the escalator before they enter the fast pace outside”, says Karina who took this shot in Canary Wharf Station. “Bankers, tourists and the homeless on their daily routine.” “In school I was bullied which interfered with a lot of my education. Things where disrupting at home. I got removed from home at 14 and by 15 I was homeless. I ended up in shelters and never got permanent accommodations. Then I got help and was able to stay in a shelter. “Sometimes we can get knocked off our path” says Karina who heard about the contest in the art class run by One Housing in Camden. “We cannot stay down. We need to keep moving forward. If you feel your physical wellbeing is down then keep up your mental wellbeing. The battle will not be lost unless you accept defeat. I am grateful for the things around me. I keep everything moving.”
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Photographer / Source Karina Hussain
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