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2019 MyLondon calendar: The Painter

Image   •   Aug 13, 2018 10:03 BST

2019 MyLondon calendar photograph This was taken by Husna Lohiya on Chalk Farm Road. “He said he was with a group of people who had just ‘opened’ that building [as a squat]. He was covered in paint because they had just had a giant paint fight.” “They were opening it for people to come and do art projects, for people to come and say what they need, to become like a community centre.” Husna knows a lot of people in the London squatting community. While it is illegal to take over empty residential houses, office buildings can be occupied by squatters. “Squats are made up of homeless people, so when one opens up it attracts people who have got nowhere else to stay. There are more than a million empty buildings across the UK and a fairer way needs to be found to use them to provide for housing for those in need.” Husna is currently sofa surfing and doing Henna body art to earn an income.
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Photographer / Source Husna Lohiya
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